Pimp my Glock: Gold and marble Gen 4 G19 edition (VIDEO)

06/4/18 11:00 AM | by

Pimp my Glock: Gold and marble Gen 4 G19 edition (VIDEO)

A quote from a dinosaur movie about “whether or not they could” comes to mind when looking at this customized Glock.

Showing off an offering from the GlockStore Custom Shop in California, Lenny Magill covers a much-tweaked Gen 4 Glock 19 in detail from its distinctively polished gold titanium nitride refinish on the slide (“it really lasts forever”) to the clear coated white marble hydrographic dip on the polymer frame. The extended controls and pins are also in gold as is the big mouth mag well and barrel.

Then, of course, there is a flat-faced Pyramid trigger complete with gold accents and a tungsten guide rod that, sadly, does not.

Price? None mentioned as Magill says it was on its way out the door for the customer who ordered it to spec.

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