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The World’s Most Battle-Proven Firearms.® | FN America, LLC, is a U.S. subsidiary of FN Herstal, S.A., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality, reliable firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial customers worldwide. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia with manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina, FN America is passionately committed to providing its customers with a portfolio of products, training and support services under the FN brand name that enhance their performance and safeguard their lives. For more information, visit us at www.fnamerica.com.


FN handgun compact semi auto

FN America offers a variety of concealable, tactical and competition-worthy handguns. Guns.com has an assortment of FN handgun models in a variety of configurations in both new and used options!



72753 FN SCAR black

FN America rifles are known for their durability, reliability and overall superior craftsmanship. Models like the PS90 and FN SCAR have been long-time favorites, while the FN SCAR 20s and FN M249S continue to provide innovation. Guns.com offers a selection of new and used FN rifle options in a variety of finishes and calibers!



FN SLP tactical semi auto shotgun pistol grip

Excellent for home defense or competition, FN America shotguns feature cutting edge technology and unrivaled reliability. Series like the FN SLP and FN P-12 are engineered to win, providing you with the confidence you need. Shop Guns.com's selection of new and used options! 




FN debuts 2 California-compliant AR-style rifles with ‘featureless’ stocks

In an effort to keep the estimated 13 million gun owners in California supplied with a state-compliant MSR, FN on Monday announced two new FN-15 rifles.

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Safe handloading: Shotshell reloading isn’t cooking, it’s baking

Shotshell reloading is like baking. Stick to the recipe, pay close attention and you’ll get something delicious. Improvise, and the results could be ugly

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FN announces free magazine promotion with purchase of new FN 509

FN America launched its summer promotion, offering customers three free magazines with the purchase of any new FN 509 striker-fired pistol through Aug 31.

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The 971D: A ‘Franken Gun’ that’s just odd enough to work (VIDEO)

Bigshooterist has cobbled together a whole shop full of odds and ends to come up with a drum-fed 9mm machine gun. Why? Because it was there.

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