Certified Used Guns

certified used guns

Buying a used gun is a great option for many people. Well made guns can last for decades, and can often be found at great prices. It’s also a great way to get older or harder to find firearms. But sometimes it’s hard to know the condition of a used gun. That’s why we’ve created the Guns.com Certified Used Gun program.

When you buy a Certified Used Gun, you get the peace of mind knowing that our on-site experts inspect each gun individually. They make sure there are no mechanical defects, that the condition of the gun is consistent with our rating, and that you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that it’s ready to use from the moment it arrives.

We stand behind out Certified Used Guns. You have a 3 day no questions asked return period from the time you receive your gun, and we double our return period to 14 days for any malfunction with proper use.

When you receive your gun, you’ll receive a copy of the full inspection checklist, initialed by the gun expert who examined it. When you see the Guns.com Certified stamp on any of our products, you can be sure the gun you’re getting is exactly what you want.

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